{Ambedo} Vaccination Updates

Took Toki and Arya in to see Dr. Miller recently. They needed updates on all their shots. This was the first time Arya had met Dr. Miller, and she was such a good dog because she always is with strangers. She let they give her her shots, clip her nails, and take blood to run blood tests for her future teeth cleaning (which she has to go back in to get done again because there were odd levels Dr. Miller wants to check on again). Arya loves to be social, most of the time.

Toki, on the other hand, didn't do as well. Despite this being his third time seeing Dr. Miller, despite him being excited to see her, he ended up having a complete Drama Queen meltdown that I was actually kind of oddly proud of because this dog is so asocial just like me. They took him in the back to give him his shots and clip his nails. I suspect that he was fine with the shots. It was when I heard a dog start howling that I knew they were trying to clip his nails. Toki hates having his feet touched, but he let them clip them the last time he was there without incident so I didn't think twice about them doing it again. I should have. The howling quickly evolved into a scream that sounded straight out of a horror movie that the entire building heard and I hear the techs trying to calm him down. Arya, in the exam room with me, is trying to get through the door to help him. At one point, things got quiet, and I hear Dr. Miller ask Toki what's the matter. I turned out that he pooped and sat in it in an attempt to get them to stop touching him.

That dog is not a people dog, he is a person dog, and even that person (me) can't touch his feet without him getting pissy. Anyhow, that dog is me and I am him and both of us would prefer to be left alone, I suppose.