{Ambedo} Playing Catch Up

Thankfully, nothing serious has been going on with the animals since the last time I updated. There has been some tension between the peas because Damien is getting a little more aggressive about breeding season. Mim has only wandering off once, but I'm keeping a better eye on him while they're free ranging, just in case he tries again. The weather has been typical summer weather, with a hailstorm causing considerable damage to the peafowl greenhouse. No damage to the birds themselves, so that's a good thing. Almost all of the hens, including Dalton, have taken a turn trying to brood some eggs, but we are at capacity right now.

I still have to get Mumbles, One Two, Beeker, and Seti moved to the dog pen coming off the barn; I'm hoping to get that done this week because I don't think The Beckys can put up with much more from Beeker and Seti. They're a little too eager and not very subtle about breeding, unfortunately. I'm hoping once I get those two moved, The Beckys can start growing their feathers back.

I have been trying to get my garden chickens and garden rabbits up in Avenoir, but they keep exploding in the kiln! I'm still trying things out to get this to stop, but I only have a single garden chicken out of 8 or 9 and a single garden rabbit out of 5 that didn't explode during the bisque firing. I'm a little nervous about glazing it and firing it up at this point, but I'll get over it.

I am also closing the Patreon account after July. I've gotten a FT job and things aren't going great with my family's health, so I don't have time anymore to keep running it. Anyone wanting some one of a kind art (either a digital poster or a limited edition linocut print) can sign up for just $1 and have that money go towards the birds feed bill.