{Ambedo} Busy Busy

Epiphany finally got over being angry at me for not letting her be broody. She was making a lot of dinosaur noises while walking around for a good number of days before deciding she was over it.

Everything else with the animals has been without incident, thankfully. This past week was extremely busy for me with my finals in my classes and being sick with a cold. All the roosters (except for Odysseus) are taking too much of a cue from Damien and have been getting pretty charged up about the hens. I don't have enough aprons to cover all The Beckys! Then there's Mumbles. Mumbles has been following me around, trying to tidbit for me, and doing flying attacks at the back of my head for about two weeks now. This has really irritated Ronan, who comes over to chase Mumbles away from me like he does with Epiphany and Mazikeen. Entirely too much testosterone around the sanctuary right now! Once the rainy weather lets up for a couple day in a row, I'm going to get the Bro Pen set up and get Mumbles, One-Two, Seti, and Beeker (who used to be called Jareth, but was just entirely too goofy for that name) moved over there. Give the older birds and The Beckys a break!

Now that it's May, we're kind of in the height of peafowl breeding season. Or, what seems to be for my breeding trio. That means Damien is calling at all hours, not just the daytime ones. It doesn't bother me at all, but apparently I'm an oddity in that regard. Richmond and Dalton recently started laying eggs again, and we will be selling those again this year for anyone that wants to try their hand at peafowl hatching/raising. Look for the link to the sanctuary shop on home page later this week. I believe we have 7 eggs right now.

Speaking of the upcoming summer weather, the sanctuary's Amazon wishlist is now a link on the top of every page of the site. We could really use a few new box fans for the pens this year. This part of Colorado gets unbearably hot during the summer, especially when there isn't any air movement. I usually set up some fans to keep air flowing through the covered pens/coops, along with frozen Coca-Cola bottles in the waterers and out for the birds to lay next to. Birds, like dogs and cats, don't sweat and that makes getting overheated pretty easy for them. Pretty much all they can do to try and regulate their body temperature in the summer is panting and holding their wings out from their bodies like bodybuilders. Making sure they have cool water, shady spots, and air movement helps them. I also like to make blocks of ice with veggies and fruits in them to help keep them busy, cool, and hydrated at the same time.

I think I take care of my animals better than I take care of myself.