{Ambedo} I Think We're In Kansas Now

For almost two weeks, it has been crazy windy here. In the area we live, the wind can get pretty bad because everything is just flat and there's nothing around to break the wind. This wind, though? It's been beyond what we usually get here. I honestly thought we were in a tornado a few times due to all the noise, but the winds only got up to 60+ mph. All the major structures are still standing with no damage. The bird pens/houses, on the other hand, did not fair so well.

One of the windows on the peafowl greenhouse was ripped off, and that caused the wind to blow into the greenhouse and push the wall panels out in multiple areas. The picture above is the gate to the covered pen in the aviary. The wind ripped about half of it off from the top down. The smaller brown coop's door it pretty trashed. I might have to rebuild that one from scratch instead of tying to fix it. On the plus side, the aviary netting is still intact! Usually, that's the thing that get destroyed every time we have a serious storm. 

I'm hoping the greenhouse can be Gorilla taped together (that stuff is surprisingly durable) because I cannot afford to buy another one while I'm trying to makes ends meet as an unemployed artist. The gate for the covered pen and the brown coop's door are another thing entirely. The gate is on a pen that was built over 20 years ago for Jack Russells we had when I was a kid. The brown coop is just a huge piece of crap and not worth the $500 paid for it. It was falling apart before these winds, so I'm really trying to figure out if it would be worth it to try to reattach the door or build a new door or build a new coop.

Beyond the money it would take to build stuff, I just really suck at building things. I have zero concept of size or how to measure things properly since my TBI, and I don't want to spend the time trying to build something that's going to fall apart the minute one of the chickens looks at it.

I don't know why these birds thought I was the right person to take care of them. They really should have found someone who was either handy with power tools and wood or gainfully employed.