{Zenosyne} Feline Fine

Yesterday, I went to pick up a new (to me) kiln and I met a super floofy cat who let me pet it! This is pretty big for me because I had been under the impression that I was seriously allergic to cats since I was a teenager. I had barn cats that never affected me and I loved having them (of course, I just love animals). However, when I was in high school, there was a certain house that had indoor cats and every time I went over there I would end up having a serious allergic reaction. Hives, rash, throat swelling shut, the whole nine yards. I thought it was because of the cats all these years. Turns out, it was probably because the people that lived there were hoarders and the house was disgusting and not the cats themselves.

 From Purrcibles FB page - click image for link

From Purrcibles FB page - click image for link

I feel like this is great news because I really want a cat. Right now, I have my heart set on a sphynx cat because I love that they look like little gremlins and that they're more dog-like in personality than cat-like (which would complement the dog, Toki, that I have that is more cat-like than dog-like). I've been wanting to add another indoor/outdoor member to my little pack and had been looking into adopting another dog. Unfortunately, I just don't think Toki would go for another dog as an addition. These past years of having to live with my brother's dogs has made that pretty much a "Not Gonna Happen" thing, even for Arya, I'm afraid. but, seeing how well both have done with the birds, I think bringing in a kitten and letting them watch it grow up would work out really well.

Not that any of this stuff matters right now. I still have to get a new job so I can build my house first. Once we are in our new house, then we can start putting money towards adopting/buying a sphynx kitten. Of course, that hasn't stopped me from researching the breed and trying to find a rescue or breeder here in Colorado. I like to do my research, y'all.

Here's the cat from yesterday. It was super interested in my parents' dog, Pebbles, who was super nervous about it being interested in her. It was kind enough to pose a little for me to take pictures of it.