{Kudoclasm} Clingy Roosters

So. Mumbles has always been pretty clingy. He's not like Ronan, who wants my attention because he wants me to pet him and pick him up. He's not like Memnoch, either, who just wants to flog my legs all day every day now for some reason. He's kind of in the middle. He doesn't flog my legs, but he will bite at me and pull my cuffs and shoelaces.

Since Mina died, he's been a lot more needy. It's understandable, they hatched together and had never been apart (Lucien is also not his usual self - he and Mina had become a bonded pair over this past year). He's been more aggressive in biting at me, and then there was him standing on my shoulder. This was a first. I don't know where Ronan was because he usually doesn't let this happen. My face is a little worried about him trying to peck my eyes. It happens to me a lot.

Anyhow, with him getting all up in my face lately, I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. I thought that he had that green sheen to his black colouring like Lucien, Epiphany, and Mazikeen do. It's referred to as "beetle green sheen" because it looks like the iridescent green that some black beetles have.

The Ayam Cemani trio have it in all the black colouring of their feathers. Ronan has it in his tail feathers. Mumbles here has it in a very specific pattern that, like I said, had not noticed until he wanted to be in my face all day.

Mumbles only has it in the same areas that Memnoch, Mercury, One-Two, and Odysseus have it: as "lacing" around each feather. There are some spots on his tail that have it, but it's not consistent. I was pretty intrigued by this colouring as I haven't seen it in my research (didn't see it for almost a year and it was right there the whole time). What it did tell me was that Memnoch is definitely his sire, if I had any questions about it. It might be interesting to see what would happen if he were to sire offspring with the polish hens. Through his dam, Ava'Dara, he has the potential to produce black, blue, or splash.

I'll have to hope that he and The Beckys are still around next year. I decided to hold off on hatching this spring, even though I really want to try to get another chick from Sparta. I want to get everyone situated in better flock groups so that what happened to Mina doesn't happen again.