{Ambedo} A Loss

Last night, I got home from a job test and went to put the birds up for the evening. I found Mina laying on her left side like this in the doorway to the coop. I wasn't sure what had happened to her at that time. She was functioning perfectly normal up to that point, showing no signs of illness. I quickly picked her up and got her into the bird travel crate so she could spend the night in the garage.

She died less than an hour after I found her.

It looks like she got pecked very hard just above her right eye and her little body couldn't recover from the trauma.

Mina is up high on my list of proud animal husbandry moments, along with Memnoch and Mercury and the Dracrys Flock. I love her dam, Sparta, so much and never thought I'd be able to get offspring from her because she's so tiny. When Mina hatched, it was such a happy moment that was got even better when Mina started to develop a personality just like Sparta's.

Chickens don't usually have very long lifespans, but that doesn't make this feel any better for me. She wasn't even a year old yet. She's also not the first bird I've lost in a traumatic way, but it's not getting easier for me.