{Ambedo} Let the Egg Laying Begin

One of The Beckys laying her egg in a nesting box!

While the older hens are still on winter hiatus, The Beckys have recently started to lay eggs. So far, only one of them is using the actual nesting boxes in the coop, while the majority of them are laying eggs out in the aviary or the old dog house they all still insist on sleeping in.

The good news about this is that we should have pure bred white polish chicks this spring and fresh eggs for people to buy. I hope I can get people to buy eggs. I don't eat eggs very often, so most of the time the eggs end up getting fed to the dogs or back to the birds themselves. Which isn't a bad thing - it helps the animals stay healthy. However, knowing how battery hens are treated, I really wish people would reconsider buying eggs from grocery stores and look for them locally (or buy them from me because I will totally ship them to you).

Most of the time, people seem to be obsessed with when their pullets (female chickens under the age of 1 year) are going to start laying eggs. I've seen people calling their flock "freeloaders" and it makes me wonder if they had jobs for their cats, dogs, fish, other animals we consider "pet" worthy. Why does an animal need to have a job in order for us to take care of them? I guess that's probably why we base value of other people on the jobs they do.

So far, the laying hasn't been consistent, sort of like the weather we've had this winter. I figure in about a month or two, the older hens will start to pick back up and they younger ones will start to figure out who will and won't be a Swiss clock egg layer.

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