Most of my experience with art is in illustration, both traditional media and digital. The work I'm most proud of are the Johnny Coyote and Molly Raven illustrations I did for the first two issues of Pretty Deadly.


Traditional or Digital

Traditional media that I am willing to work in for commissions are pencil, charcoal, inks, and watercolour. Obviously, due to the nature of traditional media, these commissions will start at a higher base fee ($30USD) and then go higher depending on the size and detail of the piece being commissioned. Digital commissions start at $15USD and go up from there based on the same factors as traditional media commissions. Digitally, I work on a Wacom Cintiq Companion II and in Clip Studio Paint Pro.




I am still very new to this medium and am not taking commissions for it at this time, with extremely rare exceptions. This is because everything is still very experimental at this point. I do have a select number of ceramic pieces, sculptural and usable, for sale.



Due to the nerve damage in my hands and arms, I very rarely can make a vessel that isn't uneven or wonky. So, instead of wasting a bunch of clay (the kid that grew up poor in me can't waste material like that), I decided to make any vessel I threw on the potter's wheel that came out wonky into something sculptural. Some of these pieces are available for purchase. I am also getting into actual sculpture, thanks to a figure sculpting class. Right now, only small knick-knacks of animals are available for purchase, but I'm hoping to work my way up to bigger things.



I'm really good at making usable bowls right now. Yarn bowls and noodle bowls are my thing at the moment, but I'm working on vases, pots, and mugs as well. There are a few of these available for purchase.


Even though this is a poultry sanctuary and I take in birds when and if I can, I also want the birds to help pay their bills. They can get expensive.


The feathers come from all the birds and are usually dropped during their individual molts (the time of year they get rid of their old feathers and grow new ones out). You can contact me directly if there are certain feathers you're looking for, or you can find a selection in my personal artwork shop. I sell the feathers as is or as handmade quills from some of the peafowl feathers.



Fertile eggs for hatching or eggs for eating are available. Please remember three things: 

  1. Most of the hens are bantams and their eggs will be much smaller than the eggs you will find at grocery stores
  2. Most of the hens don't lay during the winter months
  3. The peahens only lay eggs during their breeding season (March-August)

Whether for incubation or hatching, the eggs will be shipped as securely as possible to prevent breakage during delivery.

6 eggs - $15 (includes shipping costs), $2 extra for each additional carton (up to 4 cartons per shipment)

12 eggs - $20 (includes shipping costs), $3 extra for each additional carton (up to 4 cartons per shipment)

Purebred White Polish eggs - $4 per egg, shipping prices will be Flat Rate USPS and will depend on how many you purchase


Please contact me (button at the bottom of the page) if you have poultry you need to give up to make sure I am accepting more birds. Right now, I am at capacity for roosters.

If you are interested in buying peachicks, please contact me. I will not ship chicks through the mail, you will have to come pick them up.