{Fata Organa} Gordon Ramsey Would Yell At Me

Recently, I decided that I would learn how to cook. I figured that since I don't have to drive very far from home to go to work, it might be a good thing to learn how to cook more than Ramen or putting stuff in the microwave. I'm terrible at cooking, though. I actually had to ask someone else how to make a grilled cheese sandwich once, and I ended up burning an outline of the bread onto the pan permanently. I suck at cooking.

But I am really good at following directions. So, since I have a job now, I decided to sign up with Sun Basket and have cooked with them for two weeks. Overall, I really like the meal options, the ingredients, the options for the ingredients, and the quality so far. I only found 2 of the 6 recipes that didn't work for me, discovered my mouth hates fennel, but I've cooked meat and fish so far and haven't made myself sick! 

I really liked this one a lot. I love pasta and carbs and cheese.

I think this one was my favourite so far.

Did not like the fennel, but I cooked it all and tried it. The jerk chicken was really good. Even though it made me feel bad about eating chicken.

This was the other pasta dish that I liked. It was good both hot and cold.

I ended up liking this one a lot, also. I was nervous about cooking fish, but, like I said, I follow directions really well and Sun Basket has some great directions.

This one, I didn't really like and I'm not entirely sure why. The mushrooms didn't really sit with me that well as far as texture.

I also got this snack option and it was the best. That Green Goddess Dip was AMAZING. Would do this snack again in a heartbeat.