{Morii} Oracle Deck Work In Progress

Well, I've been at the New Day Job for almost a month now and I still haven't gotten to do my job yet. I've been able to do parts, sometimes, but the majority of the time has been spent working on an oracle deck based on Pretty Deadly. Because I am not getting up, taking care of the animals, showering, and wearing business clothes to sit at a computer I can't even get online on, doing nothing for 8 hours. It's ridiculous and the topic of a completely different post.

The oracle deck! I've been wanting to do something for my friend Chad, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Ríos as a thank you for letting me be apart of the book. At first I wanted it to be a tarot deck, and I tried for YEARS to do that. I just wasn't getting any traction with it. I'm not sure if it was the openness of oracle decks or the sheer boredom of not having anything to do at "work" or what, but I'm finally getting somewhere:

The theme of the deck is based on the sefirot from Kabbalah, along with the setting/characters of Pretty Deadly. I'm trying not to bastardize either theme for the deck while not knowing a great deal about either and relying heavily on the research I have available to me for both. Initially, I wanted the deck to be a surprise gift to Chad, Kelly Sue, and Emma, but I had to ask Chad some questions about the characters and revealed why I needed to know. It should still be a surprise to the other two because they don't follow me on social media or anything like that.

Trying to distill the teaching of Kabbalah and what the sefirot represent down enough to something I, a non-Jewish person, can understand with limited research resources available to me is a little more difficult. I hope I'm not being disrespectful or misinterpreting things, again, for either. I think if I am going to make a book for the deck, I'll have to do a lot more research on the sefirot side and verify with Chad if the characters are matching up to the sefirot I've paired them up with. A booklet might be pushing it right now, so I'm just trying to focus on finishing the sketches for the cards, then the actual artwork for the cards, then finding a card publisher that will do a handful of decks, and then getting the decks made. If I work in stages, I might actually get this project done.

In total, there will be 60 cards and every fifth card will be a landscape instead of a portrait layout. I hadn't intended for the card number to be that high when I started. The more I read about the sefirot and how there's an inter-inclusion of the last 7 kind of blew up the number. I figured if I wanted them to be cards that could be used and not just a trinket, the extra cards should be added. For some reason, I have a deep need for this deck to be used and not just looked at once and put in a drawer, if that makes any sense?

The only thing I'm still having issues with is how I'm going to make the final artwork. The working title is Per Aspera Ad Inferi.