{Morii} Art in the Park

Yesterday, I did my first (and probably only) arts and crafts fair. It was a long day and had a series of longs days leading up to it.

The town that hosted the event is the biggest town near to us and the one my grandparents live in. Overall, it really wasn't bad until about the last hour or so of the six we were there for. Both my mom and I sold stuff, there was a steady stream of people the entire time that stopped to look and talk to us, no kids manhandling anything, and I sunburnt half my face so I want to be referred to as Two-Face until the burn heals up.

This entire month has been stressful for my brain. And anyone who has been following me for at least the past four years knows what that does to my TBI. Beyond not having the energy to make a lot of new pieces for this show or the coordination of my hands to do so, I also kept exploding my larger garden chickens. The majority of them exploded during the bisque firing, a few cracked during the glaze firing, and the final one that made it through bisque firing is still naked (without glaze). I didn't get to take any of them to the show.

Things did not start well. I couldn't find the majority of my Impractical Tableware pieces. Of the ones I did find before the day of the show, 2 of them I hadn't planned on selling. The phoenix vessel broke in transit (I also ended up stabbing myself on it). The only jellyfish wind chime I had ready for the show was broken by some random person 5 minutes into the show starting. My TBI being as it is, this pretty much turned me into an irritated toddler. Things got better as the day went on. My favourite person to stop by our booth was a small kid that gestured to the table most of my work was on while declaring, "I like all of this!" There was also an elderly couple from Boulder, with the wife being from Norway originally, who were also a crack up and my second favourite people to stop at our booth. The kids they had volunteering were super nice and helpful and did a good job of making the rounds with all the artists to see if they needed any help or something to drink.

Overall, it was an interesting experience, even though I was not at all prepared for it. Of course, that was entirely my fault. I did learn that I really can't do this type of thing again. It has just wrecked me and I pretty much laid in bed the minute I got home, and I'm just zombified today and everything hurts for some reason. I literally didn't have to move a whole lot or carry a bunch of stuff back and forth (the volunteers had golf carts and helped people move stuff), but for some reason, I am 100% exhausted in all aspects.

It was a good experiment for me to see how much my TBI could put up with in a convention-like setting. I don't feel like I'll ever be able to sell my art like this, at shows, without being able to leave the booth for a few. I'm probably not going to sign up for one again. But it does give me some hope that I might be able to handle attending a convention in the future.

Also, selling some stuff was a nice plus. I wasn't expecting to sell anything.