{Fata Organa} New Hair, Sort Of

Tried to get some new colour on the hair this week. We did 6 different colours from Pulp Riot (Nightfall, Aquatic, Smoke, Powder, Sea Glass, Mercury), and as you can see, it looks like maybe 3 took to my hair. I keep trying for those pastel/light colours with every brand I come across, and they never work. I just want Ice Queen hair once in my life. Anyhow, this is better than my 2 inches of outgrowth and faded colours. There was enough on my scalp that my hair started leaking down my forehead from sweat when I stopped at the pottery store. That's always a hot look.

We did see a dog with goggles on in the back of a Jeep, waiting for its human to buy a sandwich from the deli next door. It was the cutest thing ever.