{Fata Organa} Where Is My Mind

The blogs and site have been since Monday because I have been trying to get done with a final project for one of my classes. Normally, the last two full weeks of classes are pretty hectic for me because I'm trying to get everything done that I can to make sure I pass my classes. 

*Sidebar: this is a weird thing for me since before the TBI, I never had to worry about not getting A's and now I'm just hoping I squeak by with C's

This week was different. So, this class, Designing Careers, is a class that supposed to help students get prepared for life after graduation and making a career in the field they chose to major in. The final big project for this class was a team project that actually started two weeks ago. I feel like y'all can see where this is heading already. The team leader I was put with immediately had a problem with me because I couldn't video chat with the group (this wasn't a hidden issue - I was completely transparent about not doing video from the beginning of the semester with my classmates). This was compounded by the fact that I went to the professor for clarification on the project as the team leader told us that they had already finished the project. Nothing got done that first week and I have no idea how assignments were turned in for a grade because none of the team members had input on it, to my knowledge.

Second week, things went downhill fast and, long story short (too late), I ended up taking myself out of the team, willing to just take an F rather than put up with anymore of the team leader's 15 year-old level bullshit by the end of the week.

Instead of letting me goose egg on the project, the professor suggested that I do the project on my own. Which I did. And turned in on time, before any of the other teams. I did a 3 week group project by myself in a week. Not advisable, considering my set of disabilities, but I was more salty than usual and in a super petty frame of mind.

The assignment was to create a fake proposal for a fake project of our choosing. I created a proposal for a graphic novel. At this point, I've put so much work into it that I'm not calling it a fake graphic novel anymore. I feel like I need to actually try to create it now. Anyhow, the proposal ended up being 30 pages, which is entirely too long for a real graphic novel proposal to a publisher. Since I was working from a set of guidelines for a class assignment, there were a number of things that I had to include that you wouldn't need to for a graphic novel proposal. Also, I clearly didn't have the time or the story to have 6 full pages to submit, so there were other things I added to make up for that (with the professor's permission).

I had been putting together research on my graphic novel idea after submitting as an assignment 4 weeks ago because I liked it and that's what I do. I research things. Gather information that I may or may not ever use. Thankfully, I believe that helped me out a great deal in this case.

I did a few quick digital pieces for the proposal so that there was something that would be expected as part of the graphic novel submission in real life. Not all of it was for this purpose; some of it was to fulfill the assignment rubric out.

Anyhow, this monopolized my time this week. I am so far behind with MerMay and my final three painting for my watercolour class. I also caught a cold! While it's been 80F! This week has been bananas. This incident has me reconsidering continuing to work on my degree, though. I'm not sure it would be worth it for me to continue, considering my set of disabilities.

This week was also the week I found out that Kaiser Permanente wasn't going to accept Medicaid anymore. Literally, I called Kaiser Permanente on April 30th to make sure I had them as my provider and that they accepted Medicaid. I got the all clear and was told that I would be able to get my propranolol (what I use for the concussion migraines) on May 1st. I waited until May 3rd, just to be sure, and was told that they stopped accepting Medicaid as of May 1st. By that time, I had already been without the propranolol for 2 weeks and I was not in a good way. Concussion migraines are total balls. I mean, I've dealt with migraines since I was 15, some that would last a month long without letting up. Having a concussion migraine for an hour is worse than all the migraines I've ever had up until the car wreck. It literally feels like you've just sustained a concussion, and it just never stops feeling like that.

So. That was awesome. I had to find a new doctor to see, which I did this Wednesday. She was super nice and I didn't have to go very far to see her. When I got home from meeting with her, Kaiser had sent me 30 days worth of propranolol finally. Today was the first day i've been without a concussion migraine since April 20-something.

Wait a minute. I got this team project done in a week while feeling like I just got hit in the head by a... really big football player. I don't know football positions. I don't even like football. Whatever. I felt like I got tossed around in a car that was rolling because I wasn't wearing a seatbelt when some shit ass ran into me.

I also had a phone interview for a job that same Wednesday that I'm pretty sure I completely bombed. They were on speaker, I could barely hear them, and the whole concussion migraine thing was still happening. I've got another one with a horse therapy place this coming week that I'm hoping I do better on. I just suck at talking now. I really would love to work for a place with horses, even if I would just be doing paperwork.