{Vemödalen} Requiem

For the first time EVER, my grandparents beat me on marathoning a weird, little BBC show on Netflix. Them getting a Netflix account is a whole other topic (that involves them watching Dave Chapelle, which surprised me), but it is odd that I missed this one when it was released. It's a British show, which I will always check out, and it's about the occult, which I will always check out.

The thing that I like about this one is that it's not about a weird little town with a dark past that's full of Satan worshippers. That's pretty old hash and expected, in my opinion, and it doesn't get done well enough for me to be interested in very long. Make it a weird little town with a dark past that's got an angel cult, and that's super got my attention.

It's a 6 episode series that ends in a way that viewers are either going to love or hate. It's kind of an abrupt end that throws out more questions than answers, and that tends to piss people off for some reason, especially if there's not a follow up season to answer those new questions. it's also an incredibly slow burn, like a lot of British shows, and that also seems to piss a lot of people off. Like I said, if it's a British show, I'll definitely check it out. If it's a British show that very moody, has a lot of focus on the setting/scenery (wherever this was shot, holy macaroni, it had the most gorgeous hill with fog rolling over it and I'm in love with it), and is generally pretty not uplifting, I'll definitely check it out. I'm used to the slow burn of these shows, and I actually appreciate it. I'll take a slow burner of a story that runs 6 hours total to a 24 episode season that's about 15 episodes of filler that have nothing to do with the main story.

While it's not a one-to-one comparison, Requiem has a lot about it that reminded me of The OA. Maybe it's that there aren't any concrete answers for either show, they both deal in subjects that I have been reading about since I was in 5th grade, I'm not sure. The soundtrack, and the main piece of music that has a direct role in the story, really drew me in. I actually had to buy the soundtrack, and that's a feat to get me to do for any movie/tv show lately. It's a cello, though. Love me some cello.

I did spend a lot of this show wondering why someone didn't slap the main character, Matilda. She pulled a lot of bullshit moves that I can't imagine someone not getting flattened for.  And her friend, Hal, really should have just left the minute she was okay with staying at the house of a complete stranger, no questions asked, in a clearly sketchy small town. Honestly, Hal should have had some words for her a number of times before they finally do.

I also really liked all Matilda's oversized cable knit sweaters. I'm a sweater kind of person.

Much like how I felt at the end of The OA, I kind of hope they don't make another season for Requiem. I hope it just ends the way it ended, even though I feel like if someone in Wales had been watching the last 10 years of Supernatural they wouldn't have been so surprised by what happened. Angels are dick, y'all, and you can't be sure what you're bringing over here when you open up a doorway.