{Fata Organa} Keep Moving Forward

I want to start this off with positive stuff. The above picture is one of Teoli Sphynx cattery's cats. I am currently on their waitlist for a kitten! This isn't a small waitlist, and I specifically was looking for either a rescue or a cattery that would be a wait because I'm not planning on bringing a cat into my parents' house (especially with how Zelda treats Arya lately). I'm not going to adopt a kitten until I have my own house built. I don't have a preference for female or male, so the potential names are Saint Alia of the Knife (female) and Dr. Caligari (male). The male name was surprisingly difficult to come up with because I couldn't come up with more than one name. One name just didn't seem right since Toki and Arya have full names (and titles because I'm such a nerd). I've already found sellers on Etsy to get a couple of nice beds/caves and clothes so it doesn't get cold (one of the sellers makes kimonos and of course I'm going to buy one for the cat).

I have been thinking about adopting/bringing in another animal into the house setting for Toki and Arya since Toki's surgery. With both of them being middle-aged now at 7 years old, I'm starting to worry about one of them dying and leaving the other alone. This happened with my previous two dogs, Diddo and Ripley. Once Diddo died, Ripley's health declined pretty quickly. I just want to be make sure they don't feel alone. Now, normally, I would be looking into dogs to adopt since there are millions out there that need homes and I want to save all the animals in the world. Toki, on the other hand, has different plans. Adding another dog to our group doesn't feel like it will happen. Also, after how Zelda keeps trying to kill Arya, I don't think she'd be willing to let another dog in.

That made me start researching cats. I was thinking about how well they acclimated to having the birds around them after Memnoch and Mercury were incubated, hatched and brooded in the bedroom within view of them. They've never really been around cats before and, while researching the sphynx, it seems people feel they're more like puppies than cats in personality. They want to be cuddled up with you. This reminded me of how Arya was when I brought her home the first night. Toki was not happy about it, but she didn't really give him a choice and kept cuddling up next to him until he gave in.

Looking for a kitten instead of a cat was the other aspect to this. Again, going back to the birds, it wasn't until they had Memnoch and Mercury growing up in the room they sleep in that they realized birds weren't a big deal and they didn't need to chase them around. I feel like having a kitten will give them the time (years, in Toki's case, lets be honest) to get used to there being another member to our little pack.

I started looking for a house to build. I decided that, even though I really liked the Utopian Villas house with the enclosed deck, I really need an extra room as an office/art studio more. So, I went back to the company my family and I visited last year to look over their model options. I found two that I like that aren't that big but offers enough room for me, all my junk, the dogs, all their junk, all the birds' junk, and a new kitten (who will eventually also have junk of their own). The first one I like is the Delight (floorpan above) and the Visalia (floorpan below).

I like the layout of both, for the most part. They aren't that much different than my townhouse. Both are options that can be purchased and built relatively quickly. Ideally, I would love to have a house built by the end of this summer or before it starts getting cold. The issue holding me up right now is that I'm still getting job rejections. I actually just got one yesterday for a job at the library I used to spend a lot of time in when I was getting my Associate's degree. I'm pretty devastated about this. It actually made me cry when I read the rejection. I really wanted to land this job. It's getting really depressing feeling like my life is stalled out right now despite my trying to kickstart it into gear. I still have a very decent chunk of money from my PERA available to put down on the house, but the longer I don't have a part-time job and the longer I don't sell art, the smaller than savings gets.

All day yesterday, I just blanked out. I don't even know what I did most of the day. So, today, I tried to keep moving forward by sending in an application for an Art in the Park event at a nearby town. I applied with my ceramics work instead of my drawings:

If I'm accepted, I'm not sure I'll have enough work to fill the booth space they give you. I'm not sure I'll sell anything since I can't get anything sold online. If I'm accepted, I'll still go and set up my work and stay there the whole 6 hours, even if I don't sell anything. If I just keep moving forward, eventually something will change. Right?