{Morii} Cursum Perficio

Finally got around to trying to make my own personalized stamps and linocut prints. In a very out of character move for me, I started out small and made two stamps of my signature in Japanese for my ceramics. I keep misspelling it when I sign it, which isn't that big of a surprise since I'm sure I'm not even writing letters when I sign it in English and I have a tendency to not recognize my own name when it's in print.

I really enjoyed this process of making the stamps. It was almost like working with clay, except my  hand and arm issues really flared up fast. Totally worth it, though, because I felt pretty accomplished when I made that first stamp. The smaller stamp had some detail loss as I tried to carve it out right after the bigger one. In retrospect, I should have waited a bit to let my hand/arm rest. I had a difficult time controlling my hand by the time I got to the smaller one.

After those, I went back to my usual delusional self and did a memento mori linocut design for Mina. I should be getting a couple larger pieces of lino this week to transfer this to and get carving. This one will take me some time and I'm going to need to go slow and be aware of hand/arm fatigue (and my cognitive fatigue) so I don't mess this one up.

"Cursum Perficio"

I'm also going to digitally colour this and put it up on the sanctuary's Redbubble shop.

While waiting for the larger lino blocks to show up, I decided to keep practicing transferring and carving designs on the small sampling of blocks I already had. I went with a sacred heart design on a 6in square block.

Since I wanted to make this one a bit bigger than the stamps I made, I used a different type of lino block and it did not go well for me.

Straight off, the transfer did not work out. At all. Compared to the pink block, this blue block was like a crappy eraser. Just running my finger along the surface made it produce eraser dust. I thought that using the gouges would be different since they are super sharp, but nope. This block was just crumbles. I did end up getting my first layer carved out and tried to pull some prints. That didn't work out either.

So, no matter how long I let the water run over the block, I couldn't get rid of the eraser dust. Trying to brush the dust off while under running water obviously just produced more dust. Rolling ink onto the block produced more dust. I did 6 prints and they just progressively got more crummy looking as I went. I am going to finish them as prints just to get more practice on carving and pulling (I have two more layers for this design). Definitely won't buy this type of lino block again, that's for sure.