{Morii} Stoking The Fire

I got a new (to me) kiln on Wednesday! It's not very big, but it is mine. It's the first big pottery making piece that is mine (the wheel I use to throw my super wonky pieces belongs to my mom and so does the kiln I've been using). We are currently in the spring snow/rain weather, so I haven't been able to throw anything I could use to test this out. Also, it's not hooked up for me to test out yet. I also got some more Mayco glazes to test layering out on soon.

I'm surprised how much I like working with clay. I mean, I'm not doing anything groundbreaking and there's always room for improvement even if I didn't constantly make wonky things on the wheel, but I lose time while doing it and it doesn't affect my TBI negatively. Also, there's a lot of stuff that I don't have to worry about with pottery/sculpture that I get stuck on when drawing. I would like to try getting more small, succulent pots made that I think would be the perfect size for this kiln.

Oh! The person I got the kiln from had a cat that let me pet it! It was very interested in Pebbles, which made Pebbles very nervous.