{Morii} Tako Vessel Nbr. 2 WIP

I've been working on a second take vessel in the Sirius Black clay. Unfortunately, I got sick with the birdemic zombie flu shortly after I made the bowl and it has pretty well gotten to the leather hard stage, and getting the octopus to stick to it has been a struggle this week. Also, my hand/eye coordination is less than stellar since I'm still not 100% and I keep bumping the tentacles off. I've only had to completely rebuild one so far, but I have three more to make and attach, so anything could happen.

I will be making a few test tiles of this clay to see what glazes/underglazes do on it before I do anything else with this piece. I don't want to expect one thing to happen with the glaze, fire it, and then find out that what I expected wasn't even close to being a reality. I eventually catch on to how to do things. Sometimes.