{Fata Organa} Toki's Surgery

This morning, we (Arya and I, because she wouldn't let me leave without her) took Toki into the vet for his eye surgery.

This is the lump that is being removed today. They'll send it off to get it tested so we will know if it's something to continue worrying about or if it was just a growth that needed to be removed. He wasn't exactly thrilled that I had to leave him at the vet (he kept trying to hide behind me), but he isn't staying there overnight or anything. He should be ready to come home around 4 this afternoon. Hopefully, I'll have an update before then on how everything went.

EDIT: Toki's surgery went fine. It was very quick and easy, Dr. Miller didn't even need to use stitches because she were able to cauterize the area after she cut the growth off. I didn't even need to send the growth in to be tested, as Dr. Miller felt certain that it wasn't cancer and just a regular type of growth dogs can get. Toki was pretty angry with me for the entire ordeal. He only looked at me once (when he was making sure I was there and we were going home) the rest of the afternoon/night. As soon as he got in the car, he refused to look at me. When we got home, he was even more angry with me because I had thrown out the old beds he and Arya had and replaced them. Late that night, he finally gave in and decided to try the new bed out (he loves it). I have some eye lube to put on him twice a day to keep it from drying out, and other than that he's good to go!