{Fata Organa} How the Zombie Apocalypse Starts

One of the many things I've had to get used to because of the TBI is getting sick more often and having even the mildest of colds feel like something I need to be in the ER for. The illness will last longer and hit me harder than the average person my age.

Around the 7th, I started feeling crappy. By that weekend, I had a decent earache going. This is also something I've had to get used to thanks to the face/head trauma. I get earaches and sinus infections on the regular now. I upped my usage of the script for Flonase, which I probably should have been using more regularly to avoid the earache in the first place. It just dries everything out to a Death Valley level thanks to the area I live in being naturally dry.

Unfortunately, it seems that the earache was just the precursor to something more. Or it was the barn swallow that tried to kamikaze itself into my mouth last week. Either way, my health has taken a nosedive with the worst of it hitting me earlier this week. By Tuesday, I had lost my voice from coughing. I've definitely got all the classic flu symptoms, but as I've never actually had The Flu, I don't know if that's what I've got or if my TBI is making a cold feel more like a flu.

This past week, in particular, has been rough because of the addition of very cold and snowy weather. I am the only person who takes care of the poultry at A Flock Between Pastures, and trying to do that while feeling like this has been a challenge. I had to drag myself into town on Wednesday to get more feed at the local TSC (which they were out of half of it), then used the momentum to get stuff for myself. I definitely pushed myself too much that day, and on Thursday felt worse. That's also when the bloody noses started. I'm fairly convinced that I've probably got a good two days left before I got full-on birdemic zombie at this point.

This week's module for classes is a wash so far. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get done tonight and tomorrow since I still feel like a reheated turd. Not how I wanted this semester to start, but here we are. I also haven't gotten much done in the way of art. I had thrown a good number of pieces with the Sirius Black clay right before I got sick. The good thing the weather has been for is that none of those pieces has gotten bone dry or leather hard in the passing time. I was able to trim a few of them yesterday while waiting for another bloody nose to stop so I could lay back down.

I will say this about being sick right now: it has reminded me how much I like soups and warm drinks, and it has kept me from getting upset about the people I interviewed with last Monday lying about calling me back on the job by last Friday. It has, on the downside, made Toki for into his Hulk level of protector of me and has been attacking the other dogs if they look at me. At least there's one someone out there that likes me. I'll take that.