{Morii} The Thing About Being Landlocked

I am obsessed with the ocean. Well, water, in general. I think it was a mix of living in Colorado and being landlocked and my grandparents having a swimming pool when I was a kid. I had convinced myself that if I stayed in the pool long enough, I could grow up to be a mermaid pirate astronaut veterinarian. the delusions of grandeur started at an early age.

Researching things and having a fondness for Ancient Greek things also started at an early age. All those things combined did not turn me into Captain Planet, but it did imprint a deep need to master the Ancient Greek octopus imagery.

I usually like to joke and say that it's my Japanese heritage that makes me partial to things with tentacles, but it's really this design right here. It looks nothing like an octopus, but I love it. Those big google eyes give me joy.

Obviously, I will probably never pull off throwing a vessel that big or symmetrical, so glazing the motif on something didn't really appeal to me.

I took one of the small vessels I recently made and decided to try sculpting and carving the motif on to it. I also added two holes on opposite sides so that it can hang. I do plan on glazing it with the Terra Sigillata Old Mine #4, adding red in certain areas for just the right Minoan touch to it.

Right now, I'm still waiting for it to get to a leather hard stage so that I can start adding the glaze layers to it. I didn't think that it would take 50x as long for the clay to dry in the winter than it does the rest of the year.