{Morii} Libro de Pequeñas Manchas de Tinta

I finally have my first handmade book up in my shop! It is all the ink drawings and research I did for Inktober 2017. I am pretty delighted with myself about this! The presale goes until 9 Feb 2018, but as I've only got 4 out of the 25 reserved so far, I'm sure there will be copies available for purchase after the presale ends.

Each drawing took a lot of researching to put together, so I'm hoping the entire book will prove to be well worth the $15USD asking price. I included all the resources I used for my research, as well as a ritual, practice, or form of worship for each drawing.

Below is the promo "tour" video of the drawings and book I put together last week to try to drum up some interest for it. I did want to try to do a full voice over for this, but my TBI has been a bit of an issue lately and talking coherently for a video wasn't going to happen. Maybe next time! You can see each drawing in the Inktober gallery, and samples of the book should be in the Handmade Books gallery soon.

A very quick "sketchbook tour" of the ink drawings I did for Inktober 2017. I've put together a handmade booklet of this project, titled "Libro de Pequeñas Manchas de Tinta or a brief history of those that came before me and those that last beyond me".