Peafowl Eggs

Peafowl Eggs


I am not hatching any chicks this year, so I have 16 peafowl eggs available for anyone else who would like to hatch them. All 16 eggs were laid during May 2018. 

My breeding male (Damien Scott) is an India Blue and my breeding females are a Spalding Cameo Split Pied (Julia Richmond) and a Spalding Purple Black Shoulder (Rachel Dalton). Pictures are of the eggs that are for sale, the breeding trio, and the offspring I got from my breeding trio last spring. 

$5 per egg.

Please do not contact me if you are not interested in incubating/hatching these eggs yourself. I am not not advertising to do it for you. Please do not contact me about buying the peafowl shown. They are not for sale. They are pictured so you know where the eggs came from and what the potential offspring might look like.

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