A Flock Between Pastures


12 NOV 2018

The site is going through a few changes as I separate my art portfolio from the sanctuary, Trumspringa. I am currently going through the process of making the sanctuary an official nonprofit, and it seemed appropriate to give it its own site.



This Does Not Make Them Less Than Us


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All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.


MY work

I mostly do illustrations. Since having gone back to college, I've also gotten into book making, pottery, and sculpture. I tend to lean more towards fictional subject matter more than I do towards non-fictional.


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About Me


S. Suzuki

I'm a freelance disabled artist living in Colorado with a lot of animals. Like, a LOT. I am currently working on becoming an art historian while I continue to learn about book making, sculpture, pottery, and taking care of poultry. So, I mostly spend a lot of time by myself hunched over a drawing tablet, a potter's wheel, or over a random bird I'm trying not to trip over when I'm not doing research for papers. It's not the most chic or trendsetting of lifestyles, but it works for me.