A Flock Between Pastures



Summer Suzuki is a disabled artist that lives in Colorado with her dogs, Toki Wartooth (Not A Bumblebee) and Arya Stark. They help her take care of the 38 birds at her poultry sanctuary, Trumspringa Sanctuary. They also like to help her when she’s drawing or attempting to throw pottery that’s not so noticeably wonky, even though they always come out wonky.

Summer has a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, partial face paralysis, and widespread neuropathy due to a car wreck in 2014. While she doesn’t remember anything about the wreck, or the entire week leading up to it, being told that she should have died made her realize that she wanted to go back to college to finish her degree in Art History. Being disabled limits paying Day Job prospects, so right now she’s just hoping to finish her bachelor’s.

Summer likes to read, write, listen to music, watching entirely too many movies and TV shows, laughing at the rare times Twitter is funny nowadays, donuts, and those roasted garlic Triscuits with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese slices. She also likes telling everyone that she had artwork published in the first two issues of the comic book Pretty Deadly and fully intends to milk that one until she actually does finally die.